The storage space in your garage or other sections of the house is probably limited and cannot support all the things you need to store. However, you need to keep in mind that not everything can be store in a storage unit facility. The services and features offered by a storage unit facility should be among the determinants of what you can store in the storage unit. In storage Wollongong, you can find various units that give a wide range of services. When choosing a storage unit, here are a few things you may want to consider.

Front Entrance

Security- the facility should be able to provide around-the-clock security services to ensure your property is safe.

Accessibility- your unit should be easy to access, and you can easily move things in and out without much difficulty.

Convenience- the unit should give you access to your storage unit at any given time of the day or week. 

Utilities- the unit should be able to provide utilities such as electricity, ventilation systems, and drainage system, depending on what you want to use the unit for.

Price range- lease within your means, find an option that you can comfortably pay for without causing a strain on your finances.

Things to store in a storage unit. 



These are the most common items kept in storage units. When upgrading to new furniture, you may not want to get rid of the old furniture; storage units are the best option to keep them safe till you decide what you want to do with them. When your new home cannot hold all your furniture, you can keep some in a storage facility.

Seasonal items

Season items such as holiday decorations, clothes, shoes, and seasonal equipment are also a common sight in storage units. These are things that you do not need all year round but are taking up too much space in the house. Keep these in a storage unit until when their need arises. Holiday seasons such as Halloween, Christmas, and Easter are marked by various decorations; you can’t keep these up all year long, find a good storage unit and keep them. Storage Wollongong has various options when it comes to storing your seasonal equipment, such as boats and trailers. 

Large household appliances

The storage unit can fit your needs when you are moving to a smaller home, yet you have huge and heavy home appliances such as barbeque stoves, dishwashers, and even refrigerators. With limited space in your new house, it is best to find a storage unit that will ensure your appliances remain in good condition, especially if you are looking to use them in the near future. 

Collectibles and art pieces

In Storage Wollongong, you can research some of the facilities that offer the best security when it comes to securing your collectibles and art pieces. Collectibles such as vintage vehicles, rare gems, and art need a unit that can offer the best security. Storage units are a good way of safely storing your valuable items from the constant movement in the house that can cause them damage. The security feature you can look out for is video surveillance round the clock, fences, fire and smoke alarm systems and insurance options.