Three Ways to Get Rid of Clutter in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often the most cluttered room in your home. Everybody knows that. And yet, it's also one of the easiest rooms to declutter once you know-how. Firstly, here are the items you should consider keeping and items you should remove from the clutter; Identify and purge the clutter and non-essential [...]

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Secure Fragile Items for Storage or Moving

When packing fragile items for storage or moving to different locations, extra precautions must be taken. Some people believe that when you move it's typical for few items to break throughout the process. However, with proper care and packing materials, even the most delicate items can be packed or moved without damage. Here are [...]

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How to Decorate a Small Room To Make It Look Spacious

It's a fact that sometimes we have to store things in small rooms because there's just no other place for them. However, this doesn't mean that the room has to look cluttered. Anything you can move out into a Storage Wollongong facility, you should. For the rest, there are options. Use Organisers [...]

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Things to store in a storage unit

The storage space in your garage or other sections of the house is probably limited and cannot support all the things you need to store. However, you need to keep in mind that not everything can be store in a storage unit facility. The services and features offered by a storage unit [...]

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Popular Places to Visit in Wollongong in 2021

As you plan a trip to Wollongong, remember that this area south of Sydney is rich with its own history and beautiful sites. You might spend an entire trip down here without ever making your way up to Sydney, or you might take part of your time in Australia to visit the [...]

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Storage Unit Organisation Tips

A storage unit is an extremely useful thing to keep on hand. If you're thinking about renting a storage unit or you've already done so, you'll want to make the most of it. A properly organized storage unit will make your life easier. There are few simple things you can do to [...]

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Christmas Holidays from Wollongong

Historic Wollongong is one of the largest cities in New South Wales. Lying just south of Sydney, Wollongong is one place that many Australians enjoy. If you live near Wollongong or you are planning to head here, it's a good place to stay for awhile. With more than a quarter million residents, [...]

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Tips and Tricks for Setting up Your Home Office

Your home office setup has a direct effect on your productivity, morale, and performance. A professional home office set up can reduce distractions to allow you to work more effectively and be a source of creativity. Besides, it should separate your work from your personal life. The best part about this set [...]

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What you can’t put into Storage

Self-storage facilities offer a valuable service to consumers and businesses. Storage units help us stay organised while large and small changes occur in our lives. But these sites also have restrictions in place to protect us and other customers from physical harm and property loss. Find out which items should never be [...]

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Helpful Tips for Storing Fragile Items

Storing fragile items is one hurdle that most people find hard to surpass. Most of the time, they might find themselves with broken glasses and mirrors. In this case, the need for functional storage comes in. This is because proper storage can help you protect your fragile items. Using different mediums, you can [...]

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