When renting or buying your home, you subscribed to a certain amount of square footage. Unfortunately, this space doesn’t grow any bigger, even after welcoming new family members to your home. Every additional family member brings in a share of their own belongings in your home. Newborns need baby cribs. Growing children outgrow their clothes so fast, and they need new toys every other day. We haven’t even touched on the shoe collections you accumulate over the years. So how do you deal with this extra baggage? Self Storage Wollongong will come to the rescue.

How do self-storage facilities help with a growing family?

Happy parents and their children carrying their belongings in carton boxes while moving into a new apartment

There are multiple ways in which self-storage facilities can help offset the burden on your home.

Save the toys

kids toys inside a box next to a couch

As kids grow older, they tend to outgrow their hobbies and toys and move on to bigger challenges. Instead of discarding these toys, consider saving them for the younger kids or for future use. You could make use of Self Storage Wollongong and store the toys to free up space in your home.

Save the hand-me-downs

a woman folding baby clothes

Hand-me-down collections can easily be mistaken for clutter. These are clothes, shoes, and costumes used by your older kids that may come in handy when you bring another baby home. They are also exceptional ways of saving money. However, storing hand-me-downs could turn chaotic and eat up your space back at home. Renting out an affordable storage unit will help you create space at home by transferring the hand-me-downs to the rented facility.

Home extension

balls on a rack

Imagine having to go through tons of winter clothes both for you and your kids when preparing for an afternoon outing at the beach on one summer afternoon. It’s got to be chaotic. So why not make one Self Storage Wollongong an extension of your home and store the seasonal clothes, sporting gears, toys, and belongings? You will be surprised at how much space and organisation you can create in your home by simply storing the off-season belongings in a self-storage unit.

It’s time for a relocation

happy family moving house and carrying boxes

As your family grows bigger, you might see the need to move to a bigger house with more space to accommodate every one of the family members. Unfortunately, not everything will fit into your new home, demanding extra storage space. If you’ve decided to replace furniture, appliances, and other house belongings to suit your growing family’s needs, and you are still attached to your older items, perhaps a self-storage unit will do the trick. Store the extra stuff in the storage unit and make space for the new items in your new home.

Your home is under construction

a married couple talking to an architect about their renovated house

If your home has the potential for some extension, you could consider expanding your home to accommodate your newborn. During construction and renovation, you may want to move your belongings to a safe space and storage facilities could do the trick.