More and more people are working from home these days, but how do you make sure your home office is the best place to get work done? A little bit of organising and moving unneeded items to Self Storage Wollongong and you can make your home office productive.

Find a Dedicated Space

a woman in a blue dress writing on a piece of paper while working from home

Humans are creatures of habit so it is important to have a space that is dedicated to your work. While it might be tempting to set up shop on the couch or at the dining room table, blocking distractions will be very difficult! If you don’t have a spare room to act as an office, even a dedicated desk in a corner of your living room will do the trick. Make some space by storing any extra items or furniture in Self Storage Wollongong!

Dress for Success

a woman saying hi in a videocall

When you work from home, it can be tempting to spend the day luxuriating in your pj’s. While this might seem fine for a bit, this is a trap that will kill your productivity. Get up, get showered and dressed like you would if you were going into the office. This will help train your brain to recognise work time as separate from relaxing at home time. You will also do better work if you are feeling like a real, put together, professional.

Keep Up Healthy Habits

a businessman drinking tea while working from home

With no one else around, it is easy to fall into the trap of snacking all day. After all, the kitchen with all of your food is just right there! Instead of constantly reaching for the chips, take advantage of your kitchen and make yourself delicious, healthy lunches. It is far easier to make sure you have a proper meal when you have a full kitchen at your fingertips.

Keep Your Workspace Clean

a black man typing on his laptop while working from home

Nothing is the enemy of productivity quite like clutter! Take some time to evaluate everything in your workspace and decide if you really use everything that is stored there. Chances are, you will find several items that have not been touched in quite a long time! Put them safely away at Self Storage Wollongong to beat the clutter! You will be amazed at how much easier it is to focus without extra items pulling your attention.

Have Business Hours

a woman holding a clock on her face

When working from home, it is even harder than usual to keep up a healthy work life balance. Decide when you will be done with work for the day and hold yourself to it! The beauty of all the organising your home and putting unused items in youse Self Storage Wollongong is that you can have a clean and calming space to relax as well! Enjoy your uncluttered oasis of calm!