Storing fragile items is one hurdle that most people find hard to surpass. Most of the time, they might find themselves with broken glasses and mirrors. In this case, the need for functional storage comes in. This is because proper storage can help you protect your fragile items. Using different mediums, you can enhance the storage of your fragile items by reducing loss through damage. Below are some tips from Self Storage Wollongong you can try.

Use Bubble Wraps, Packing Paper, Foam Sheets or Stretch Wrap

a person wrapping a mug with bubble wrap

To store your items safely in containers and boxes, you will need to protect them with wraps. This involves wrapping your fragile items using wraps, papers, or sheets before placing them in boxes or containers. The most commonly used wraps are bubble wraps. They are used to provide some form of cushioning on your fragile items to prevent breakage and damage.

Also, these wraps can be placed between your items. This adds a layer of cushion between your items. Some of the items that can be protected using this method include plates, dishes, cups, and mirrors. Using different packing materials will help protect your delicate items.

Choosing The Right-Size Boxes

a woman leaning her head over a cardboard box

When storing your fragile items, it is essential to select the right-size boxes. It is wise to opt for high-quality boxes that are pest-free and clean. Besides, avoid boxes that were once used to store food products as they may have bacteria embedded in them. If you are looking for the right-size box, you do not want to store your fragile items in a large box. This can result in breakage due to undistributed weight.

Also, large boxes can make fragile items shift, exposing them to possible damage. If you have large, fragile items, storing them in their boxes would be ideal as it promotes more space for storage and easy moving. In case of any confusion on the amount of storage space you need, it would be best to consult Self Storage Wollongong.

Use Heavy Plastic Containers

a person placing a green bottle in a thick plastic wrap

You can also use heavy plastic containers to pack your fragile items. These containers contain handles, making it easy to move around. Due to the convenience of the handles, you can pack your items in them and not fear moving them around. While storing items in these containers, you should use wrapping papers. They will ease the storage of fragile items and make it easy to stack up the containers.

However, it is vital to avoid stacking boxes with extra weight on top of others. Using storage containers will help you save storage space for your delicate items. For more information on better storage of fragile items, consult Self Storage Wollongong.