It’s a fact that sometimes we have to store things in small rooms because there’s just no other place for them. However, this doesn’t mean that the room has to look cluttered. Anything you can move out into a Storage Wollongong facility, you should. For the rest, there are options.

Use Organisers

This is essentially what organiser products are for. These come in many shapes and sizes, but generally, they are either a series of boxes on wheels, or they look like a wheeled device with different trays floating above one another. If you put some of the items that are cluttering your room into organisers, it will often make the room look much better than it would otherwise since everything is in its proper place.

Organised Drawer

Check for Secret Places

There are many places within a room that you can store extra stuff that you may not realise. In a bedroom, for example, you can often fit anything flat under your bed. Even if the item is very long, a long enough bed will conceal it well. You can often fit stuff behind doors, put them on shelves in the room, or underneath tables with skirts. Any way that you can get items out of sight will help with clutter. Perhaps much of it will fit in drawers in other rooms as well.

Keep Furniture from Blocking Views

You’d be surprised just how much changing the furniture around can make a space look much better. The key is to make sure that the furniture isn’t blocking views into other rooms. If you get it away from the natural walkways in the room, this will also often help tremendously – the room will suddenly feel much bigger. Additionally, if you go with smaller furniture that’s split into pieces and arranged against a wall


Leave Space

Always try to leave space between furniture and the end of walls if you can, especially when it comes to furniture. It often helps to go with chairs and sofas over a huge couch since the smaller pieces help give the impression of more space since you can have room between the different pieces. It helps to put mirrors on the walls as well to create the illusion of more space. By hanging them on the walls, you also won’t consume any space from the actual floor either, since this is where space is at a premium the most. You’d be surprised how much space you can create in your mind this way.

Utilise Storage

If you have items that just make the room look cluttered no matter what you do, then your best bet is to move them to a facility like Storage Wollongong. Many places like the Storage Wollongong are surprisingly cheap and can really make it possible to drain a small room of its biggest, unneeded items, to make you feel like you have your house back again instead of wallowing in junk and having the sensation that you have no room to move around in at all.