When choosing a self storage facility, there are certain quality checks that you may want to make. Finding a self storage facility that meets certain quality criteria will ensure that your items are protected and that you do not have any trouble accessing them. Below are just some of the key features that you should look for when choosing a good self storage facility. 

Good security

It’s essential that no-one else is able to access your self storage unit besides yourself. A good self storage unit will have strong security measures in place to prevent an intruder from gaining access to your belongings. 

This should firstly include secure doors that cannot be prised open. Some storage units require you to provide your own padlocks, however others will have fitted locks. Such locks should meet the highest modern security standards – you may want to avoid self storage facilities with old doors and locks. The door itself should also be in good condition. Many self storage facilities will use steel roller shutters and will maintain these doors for you. 

Security cameras should ideally be in use around the self storage facility. Footage can then be captured of any attempted break-ins or unauthorised access to units. In many cases, cameras will simply act as a good deterrent. It’s worth enquiring about whether there are security cameras if you cannot obviously see them around the facility. 

Other features to look out for could include alarm systems, 24/7 staff and exterior lighting at night. Take the time to research into security features when comparing different facilities. 

Good lighting

On the topic of lighting, this is important not just for security, but for usability. If your unit has no lighting, it will be more difficult to organise your unit and find items you need.

Basic self storage facilities may require you to provide lighting. A good self storage facility should have lighting installed in units that you can turn on when you need it. This should be strong enough lighting to clearly see what you are doing. 

Lighting in walkways could also be useful for helping you to identify your unit if you need to access it at night. It can also be important for preventing slips and falls while carrying items to or from your unit.

24/7 access

Being able to access a self storage unit when you need it could be very important for some people. Some self storage units are only accessible on weekdays during the day, which may not be handy if you’re storing items that you need to access at weekends or at night. Look out for units that offer 24/7 access if you think you may need it.

Temperature control

Are there any measures to regulate temperature in the storage facility? Some storage facilities with outdoor units may be exposed to extreme heat in summer and extreme cold in winter. This could damage some items that are designed to be kept at room temperature. On top of this, accessing and organising your unit won’t be pleasant if it is boiling hot or freezing cold inside. A good self storage facility will have HVAC and insulation to keep the temperature steady. Look into this when searching for units. 

If you need to keep items refrigerated, there may be some self storage facilities that have refrigerated units. This could be useful for companies storing food stock or certain chemicals. Most regular self storage facilities will not offer these types of units. 


self storage temperature


There should be measures to prevent moisture getting into your unit. If a unit gets too humid, mold may start to grow. Water leaks could meanwhile destroy items like electronics, furniture and books. This is definitely not what you want when renting a unit. 

Check that there are measures to prevent moisture build-up. Units should be absolutely watertight. Some may have extra measures such as dehumidification options.  


Your self storage unit should also be pest-proof. Critters like rodents, moths and woodlice could damage your possessions if they get into your unit. 

A good storage facility will be fully sealed to prevent any risk of an infestation. This is particularly important with outdoor units. 

Equipment to help

A good self storage unit should also have equipment for customers to use to help with the unloading and storage of items. Carts and trolleys are always handy for helping to transport heavy items. Ladders could also be useful if you’ve got a tall storage unit with high shelves. Look into this while researching different facilities.