Fairy Meadow Self Storage Wollongong is a storage facility located in Wollongong. It’s important to understand how to pack your unit to keep items safe and secure.  There are a few ways that you can protect your personal items. Always remember that when you are storing your personals and fragile items to consider the weather. The climate in the storage unit can damage certain items. Below are some recommendations for you to keep your personals safe from moisture that can turn into mold and mildew.

Wrappers for Glass Fragile Items

First, I recommend investing in bubble wrap and packaging tape. For any glass items be sure to completely wrap the items multiple times and secure them with the packaging tape. At this time, I would obtain large enough boxes to place the wrapped items securely in the box to store in the storage facility. This will allow for a snug fit to keep any items from jarring or falling to a breaking point. Once the items are placed in the boxes secure the boxes closed and store for later retrieval.

Bubble wraps in a box

Wrappers for Plastic Fragile Items

Second, if you have any plastic items that are fragile and able to be broken very easily here are some tips to increase the longevity of these items. When storing please ensure that if the items are open on the inside, such as vases and drinking glasses, be sure to stuff them on the inside with stuffing papers If you follow these methods then you can safely wrap and store these items in boxes as well. The boxes once sealed and stored will protect the items on the inside.


Stacking Your Items

When storing the items in storage remember not to stack items up too high. When you stack the items remember to stack heaviest on the bottom to the lightest on the top. Be sure not to stack too high because this could create a method of collapse for the items. All items will be safe with complete wrapping and safe stacking when placing in Fairy Meadow Self Storage Wollongong.

Stacked up boxes