Are you planning to renovate your bathroom soon or want the inside scoop on what new bathroom design trends we will be seeing a lot of in 2021? A bathroom can be the breaking point from a well designed house to a show-stopper. Here are four bathroom design trends that are beginning to take over in the new year:

1. Marble design. Marble countertops, flooring, and even bathtubs are very in right now. Adding marble and other natural elements such as quartz and crystals into living spaces symbolize good energy and bring a very peaceful yet sophisticated look. Since bathrooms already provide a relaxing space, adding marble adds to this feeling while also making the space look exquisite. If you are looking to redo your bathroom, consider adding an element of marble to add some spice into your new bathroom design. 

marble bathroom

2. Smart toilets. The world is getting smarter, and so are toilets. Did you know of the new trend of adding smart toilets to bathrooms? Smart toilets originated from Japan and are spreading in popularity across the world quite quickly. Smart toilets are able to control the temperature of the seat, sense how much water you need to flush, and also help you to save electricity. Smart will become even more mainstream during 2021 and are a good investment to make if you want to revamp your bathroom decor. 

3.  Convenient storage spaces. As bathroom design evolves, so do the ways in which people store their items within their bathrooms. Having smart and convenient ways to store towels, bathroom supplies, and other personal items is also increasing in popularity. Floating dressers under sinks and open shelving on walls are great trends that allow you to declutter while also giving your bathroom a sophisticated look. After all, nobody likes a cluttered bathroom! If you don’t have enough room in your bathroom to store your items or are going through a bathroom renovation, consider using Storage Wollongong to store away unneeded items as you rearrange your bathroom. Storage Wollongong is able to keep all of your items safe as you make your bathroom exactly as you want it. 

4. Beautiful wall art. Wall art is becoming more and more prevalent in bathroom styling by the minute. In 2021, having nice art in your bathroom is a must. Your bathroom is part of your home and should also be decorated to fit into the major theme that you have going on. A great way to incorporate your bathroom into your house is to put in art that compliments the rest of your house and is not too detailed or distracting. A simple piece of cheap art can make your bathroom go from good to amazing. When replacing your art in your bathroom you can put all of your old decorations in Storage Wollongong as you redecorate. 

5. Circular mirrors. Circular mirrors have become a bathroom design staple recently in Australia. Bathroom architecture is traditionally made up of straight lines and boxy designs with cabinets, showers, and doors. A circular mirror is a great way to add more dimension and complexity into your bathroom and takes the edge off of all of the straight lines in the room.